Our Summer Holiday Adventures

summer holiday

Today is the first day of our first summer holiday. And probably my last as I return to work late September! So for this reason I plan to make the absolute most of it and fit in as much fun as possible. There are so many things I would like to do so with Little’s help we have compiled a list. *Of course because its the summer holidays – it’s raining. So today was spent at The Range getting resources to make our Summer Holiday Adventures list!* Go fruit picking Have a cinema date Make cookies Do a treasure hunt […]

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Living Arrows | 30/52

Living Arrows

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Graham Is it me or do the weeks keep getting shorter? Or maybe its just because I’ve done two KIT days at work this week! I am so ready for the holidays now. Just two KIT days to go and no routine until Little starts nursery in September. On Saturday we ventured out and spent the day at Hamerton Zoo Park in Cambridgeshire. We managed a few hours before the heavens opened with no sight of giving up! Little saw a little boy laying on […]

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Slimming World | Breakfast Ideas Without Using Both Healthy Extras

slimming world breakfast ideas

I’ve been quite enjoying Slimming World of late. But the one thing I struggle with is finding breakfasts that will fill me up without using both of my healthy extras. Porridge seems to keep me full for hours but then I struggle for options with lunch and dinner. So I have been on the hunt for slimming world breakfast ideas that use only one or none of my healthy extras. Slimming World Breakfast Ideas Using No Healthy Extras Muffins All you need is 4 large eggs, a dash of milk and some muffin cases. Add any fillings you like and […]

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Baby You Are Ten Months Old

ten months old

I say it every month but I cannot believe yet another month has passed! When do I have to stop referring to you as a baby? Because I’m not ready for that yet. It honestly feels like it was only a few months ago that I was worrying about life with two! Now all of a sudden you are ten months old. Everything is going well at the moment apart from your sleep. Bedtime seems to be one big game to you at the moment! We have the same routine every night (apart from a bath every other night) yet you […]

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