What’s In Baby’s Hospital Bag?

Ahh packing Baby’s hospital bag is making it feel so real! I cannot believe we are soon to be a family of 4! I’m going to have two little girls, sisters!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEK πŸ˜€

Being the second time around I feel like I have hardly packed anything compared to the first time but I’m pretty sure I have everything baby needs.

For her hospital bag I have used this beautiful Bugaboo bag that we got with our pushchair as it is the perfect size. In Tiny’s hospital bag I have packed:

Pampers size 1 nappies
Water wipes
Cotton wool balls
Nappy bags
4 x short sleeve vests
4 x babygrows
1 x light cardigan
1 x hat and scratch mits
2 x muslin squares
1 x blanket
1 x jellycat pink bunny from Little

Anything else you would add to this list? I really feel like I’ve not packed everything or I’m missing something major off the list!

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Maternity Leave, Sky Diving & Shepherds Pie #LittleLoves

This week marks the beginning of my Maternity Leave and less than 2 weeks until Baby #2 is due to make her arrival! I’m looking forward to spending as much time as possible with Little before she becomes a big sister.


On the nights where I am not asleep before 9:30pm I have started to read ‘Me Before You’ and I have really gotten into it. I’ve been told it is a very emotional read so I’m taking it slow haha!


Unlike most of the other posts I have seen, I haven’t watched GBBO – please don’t hate me!! I’m not sure if this counts but last week I watched my very brave older sister throw herself out of a plane to raise money for Dementia!!


We have been so slack with dinners lately as it has just been too hot to be slaving over the oven but on Saturday night I had my Mum round for dinner and I made a homemade Shepherds Pie. It was delicious if I do say so myself.


It has been my last week of wearing my work uniform and when I’m not at work I have been wearing as few clothes as possible. This heat and heavily pregnant do not make a good mix!


Little is constantly talking about her “little sister” and asking “when she coming?” I am cherishing every little inch of my first baby and I love hearing her little feet on the carpet when she walks into my bedroom every morning!

and Lastly..

We are off to my Mum’s caravan this weekend, the 3 of us, as our last little getaway before we are a family of 4!

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My Wild Ones #2

I have been winding down ready to start my maternity leave meaning I have had lots of time to spend with Little. I recently signed her up to a local Dinky Dancers class and Friday was her second class.

I am amazed at the confidence she oozes. She is happy to dance in the middle of the circle in front of everyone, approach other children and get stuck right in whatever activity is put upon her!

Although I’m proud of her independence I just wish she’d need me a little more sometimes. She isn’t even 3 and I have basically been made redundant!

I can’t imagine how grown up she’s going to seem when there’s a new baby about the house!

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School Run Style with Matalan*

Matalan Style

I was contacted by Matalan to work with them on their school-run styling campaign. Obviously Little is too young for school at the moment but now that I am winding down for Maternity Leave I have actually been getting fully ready for the Nursery drop off.

With these hotter days I have been searching for clothes that are not only comfortable but keep me cool. I have selected a few key pieces from the Matalan Maternity range that can be dressed up or down.

My first selection was a 2 pack of cami’s as these are perfect to wear under clothes or just on their own. I chose them in black and beige because as we all know black is very slimming and I thought it would be perfect teamed with these black and white harem trousers. These trousers have been an absolute god send in this hot weather. They are super comfy and loose fitting so keep me so cool (and no chafe!!).

The black cami has also been perfect underneath this long line vest teamed with some jeggings. I have hated having to wear jeans with a bump band in this weather as it irritates my stomach but these jeggings hug my stomach and feel just like I’m wearning leggings. They are also super easy to roll the bottoms up to turn them into cropped trousers. Teamed with some flip flops it has been an easy and comfortable outfit for the Nursery run.

So if you are looking for comfort and style I would highly recommend heading over to Matalan as I would never of thought of them for Maternity clothing but I am practically living in these key pieces!

*Although we were sent these items for the purpose of this post, all views are my own and 100% honest*

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Pregnancy | Second Time Around

34 Weeks

I started writing this post at 3:24 am due to a lack of sleep and a billion and five things running through my mind! Needless to say the following day was a killer πŸ™

I find it very difficult to explain how I feel being pregnant for a second time. Both my pregnancies have been pretty much the same but so different – if that is even possible!

I’m not sure whether it is my mind set this time or the fact I kind of have an idea about what to expect but I feel more confident in myself. I hid my bump anyway I could in my first pregnancy, whether that be with a scarf or a baggy top, but this time I have enjoyed dressing my bump! Obviously I still have those days where I have absolutely nothing to wear and dream of a skinny non-pregnant body but I know how lucky I am to be pregnant for a second time.

This time around I haven’t minded people touching my bump as much. I remember totally clamming up if anyone so much as brushed past my bump but I can kind of tolerate it now. Again maybe because I am feeling more confident. Just for the record I do not allow any old person to touch my belly πŸ˜‰

I have just generally felt stronger compared to last time especially when it comes to other people and their feelings. I have been selfish and I’m totally ok with that. I spent too much time worrying about how things would affect others that I didn’t really think about myself and my needs so this time it is all about me and of course Little!

However the back pain I am experiencing is 1000x worse second time around and I physically don’t feel as strong as I do mentally! I’m not sure whether it is in fact SPD or something else but all I know is it is so much harder to deal with with a toddler in tow!

All in all I quite enjoy being pregnant but it is so much harder with a toddler to also care for. So if this isn’t my last it definitely is until school age πŸ˜‰

Do you have any advice to help me survive the final weeks?

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