My Newborn Essentials

Being a second time parent I found that I didn’t waste money on things I will probably never use but I also found that we didn’t factor in that Lillie would like completely different things to what Scarlett did!

1. Snuzpod

Obviously somewhere for baby to sleep is the biggest essential. With Scarlett we used a crib that was made by my Grandad for my eldest sister over 20 years ago, but Scarlett had outgrown it by about 13 weeks, so this time we wanted something that would last us until baby was in her own room. This was a saviour in those few early days where I still hadn’t caught up on sleep from labour but I also wanted to be close by.


2. Water Wipes*

Something else we have used everyday since baby was born is Water Wipes. These are so much easier than cotton wool and water and are still so gentle on their delicate bottoms! We have a pack in every room just for good measure 🙂

3. Muslin Squares

A must as I’m sure every parent will tell you! They can be used to protect bedding, clear up any sicky, cover when breastfeeding etc etc. They are just so handy and you can get so many pretty designs too 🙂

4. Nursing Pillow

This isn’t just for breastfeeding Mumma’s. I combination feed Lillie and I just find it helps hold her weight because although she doesn’t weigh much (over 9lb now!!) when she’s laying on my arm for long periods of time she begins to feel pretty heavy! We also use this to prop her up during the day as she does’t like to lay flat.

5. Dr Browns Options Bottles*

As I said above I combination feed Lillie so when she is not on the breast she can be found guzzling from a Dr Browns Options Bottle! We had a few problems with her projectile vomiting in the first few weeks and we found these really helped with her wind.

6. Perfect Prep Machine

Lazy I know but what a lifesaver. When I’m stumbling into the kitchen at 4am all I have to do is press a few buttons and voila! Lillie is not the most patient of babies when she’s starving so this saves all the faffing about cooling down a boiling hot bottle.

7. Bugaboo Buffalo Classic+

Not an essential as such but a girl has to have a nice set of wheels! I am in love with our Bugaboo Buffalo and it gets us from A to B whilst looking super stylish.

8. Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier

Lillie loves being in the carrier so when using the pushchair is not practical or we are just popping out I will use it. It is super easy to get on by myself and when she’s a bit older she can face outwards.


We are still on the hunt for a bouncer/rocker type thing so if you have any recommendations please do let us know 🙂

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Our Feeding Journey Second Time Around

Our feeding journey has been very different this time.

Scarlett’s feeding journey didn’t get off to the best start despite her latching on! Obviously with her being my first I didn’t know what breastfeeding felt like but I was pretty sure she wasn’t actually suckling. Never the less I was discharged from hospital because they had seen her latch and she was spending a significant amount of time on the boob. After a trip to A&E we discovered it was low blood sugar level. You can read more about Little’s feeding journey here.

Fast forward two and a half years and we have a much more positive story to tell. Lillie latched on straight away and it was here our breastfeeding journey began. She had such a strong suck so there was absolutely no doubt that she was getting at least something from me.

By day 2 I was in a lot of pain, especially with my left boob but the HV assured me our latch was okay so I invested in some HPA Lanolin cream – which is highly recommended by the way! It was also on day 2 that I gave in and gave her a bottle of formula as I was in tears with the pain and she was getting distressed so it seemed like the only fair thing for both of us!


I was not willing to give up on breastfeeding this time around so it was here that we made the decision to combine feed Lillie. We started using Mam Anti-Colic bottles but she really struggled to bring up wind so we moved onto Dr Brown’s bottles and we have not looked back.

4 weeks on and I really enjoy breastfeeding! I feel so much closer to her when feeding her and smugly proud of what my body is doing.

I take my hats off to all you women who exclusively breastfeed – you deserve a medal! 

I stand by the fact it does not matter how you feed your baby as long as they are being fed and healthy. I do hope to continue breastfeeding for as long as I can but I could not have done it without the help of my trusty friend formula!

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Lillie | 1 Month Update

This is crazy.. I cannot believe I am writing this. 1 month?! These newborn days go so quickly.. Lillie has been apart of our family for a month now and she has slotted in just perfectly!


I last had her weighed at 3 weeks and 2 days and she was 9lb 3oz, so has gained nearly a pound since birth. She is gaining weight well even after a bit of a scare with projectile vomiting but thats a whole different story!

Lillie is combination fed and so far it is going very well (you can read more about our feeding journey here). She has a 4oz bottle every 3/4 hours and she feeds from me in between, first thing in the morning, last thing at night and whenever she wants to! We are using Dr Brown’s bottles as she struggles to bring her wind up and we find these help her along with infacol.

We seem to be suffering from the dreaded colic which we never experienced with Scarlett. 6-8/ish is about the time where she becomes very upset and nothing seems to calm her which is also the time Scarlett needs dinner, bath and bed. So far she is not a fan of her swing or bouncer so were looking into alternatives!

Sleep-wise we seem to be getting into some sort of routine. She is actually a very good sleeper at night although I’m not sure I should be writing that incase I jinx it! Her last feed is around 9/10pm and she will normally sleep until 3/4am when she will have a feed and go back down in her Snuzpod. She slept through 11pm-7am on Sunday night and we are hoping it wasn’t a one off.

3 Weeks Old

We have just started to put her in up to 1 month clothing which makes me so sad! I can feel how she’s growing when I hold her. She isn’t that tiny curled up newborn anymore! Her strength is also becoming apparent as she is able to hold her head up for periods of time and has quite the grip on her. She has started to follow things with her eyes and has really started to focus on objects.

I know they say they don’t smile until about 6/8 weeks but I’m pretty sure she has smiled a few times since last Friday! She is also becoming very talkative and makes the cutest of sounds.


I am just in awe of her and the way she has adapted so well to life in our crazy household. She is an absolute poppet and I cannot wait for what the next few months has in store!

Why can’t they stay little forever?!

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9 Things You Forget About Life With A Newborn..

I remember everyone said to me “you soon forget the pain of labour” when I was pregnant with Little. That was in fact true (until I went through it again and it all came flooding back!!). This was also the case with life with a newborn! I forgot how demanding they were. Not that I mind because obviously they are very cute! I asked some lovely bloggers to help me out with this post and here are the things we forgot about life with a newborn..

1. Newborns know when there is food about so will want to be held just as you go to take that first bite. Meaning you will never eat at the same time as your partner because you will tag team the baby!

2. “For me it was sleeping at night. I just had in my head that newborns sleep all day. Which is true, it’s night when they won’t sleep! Oh and I had no idea how to swaddle any more! So nighttime wasn’t easy.” – Alex from Lamb & Bear

3. Bedtime is the same time as said newborn so you can get maximum amount of sleep before you are awake again!


4. “How noisy they are, especially when sleeping! Snuffling, wriggling, randomly making noises – used to take me ages to get back to sleep sometimes!” – Emily from Emily and Indiana

5. You have to start getting ready approximately 5 hours before needing to leave the house, factor in 10 feeds, 20 nappy changes and of course a few changes of outfit for yourself!

6. “How amazing and relaxing it is to have a newborn fall asleep in your arms. I think it is one of my favourite things in the whole world.” – Lucy from Mrs H’s Favourite Things

7. Just how precious those tiny bundles are and they come with many worries. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT google any worries you may have!


8. “Everything I have 2 x 8 year gaps!” – Emily Jones

9.  How much love you can feel when you thought you were already at full capacity! <3

10. I’ll leave this one blank for you to add what you had forgotten about life with a newborn. Leave a comment below and get involved 🙂

Sarah from Run Jump Scrap! has also written about the 10 things she’d forgotten about a newborn. Be sure to check it out 🙂


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Reviews, Princess Cupcakes and Baby Wearing #LittleLoves


I have been reading a lot of reviews as we are looking to get Baby Sister a new bouncer/swing type thing. She has both already but the swing takes up so much room and the bouncer isn’t very supportive so we want one that does both! Any recommendations then hit me up 🙂


Last week I went to see Girl On The Train with my Mum and sisters. It was a good film but I didn’t like the fact it was set in America when the book was based in London! I would recommend going to see it – but the book is better!


Little and I have been doing lots of baking together lately. I really enjoy getting some one on one time with her since Baby Sister has come along. Today we made our own take on Princess Cupcakes! They definitely did not look this colourful once they had been cooked but Little was very proud and even took some round for our neighbours 🙂



I am thoroughly enjoying wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes again although I haven’t really got much for this colder weather. I have also been ‘wearing’ Baby Sister as I find it so much easier to have my hands free with a toddler on the loose!



Today I heard on the news how a baby boy had been killed by a dog and his 22 month old brother seriously injured. This made me so sad because they were both so defenceless 🙁 but on a happier note Baby Sister has started making little noises now and I find this the cutest.


We are planning to take Little to either Legoland, Peppa Pig World or somewhere similar so if you have any recommendations please let me know as I haven’t been to Legoland or similar for years! Little is 2.5 but quite tall for her age 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!

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