3 Items I Have Checked Off My Bucket List #BEDAoutmumbered

Ahhhh I failed, I did not Blog Every Day in August 🙁 I do have a valid excuse though, so that’s alright isn’t it?

My excuse is I was out all day yesterday buying my bedroom furniture for when we move. It was such a busy and hectic day and by the time we were home and had put Scarlett to bed, I was ready for bed myself!

I will try and keep up with #BEDAoutmumbered from now on but its hard to find time to blog at the moment!

Sorry onto 3 items I have checked off my bucket list. My actual bucket list is among all of my personal stuff packed away ready for yet another move. But I can think of 2 things that I have achieved within the last year +.

I Moved Out
Last May I moved out from my family home and in with my then boyfriend. We rented a little 1 bedroom apartment that was perfect for us and we brought all of our furniture and made it our own little home.
I Got Engaged
Last August, a year ago this weekend, James proposed to me in London. We have not set a date for the wedding yet but we want Scarlett to be walking so she can walk down the isle with me.
We Had A Baby
I have always wanted children, it’s what I was put on this earth for! On the 2nd March 2014 Scarlett Jane was born at 7:08am weighing 7lb 10oz.
I intend on uploading my actual bucket list to the blog once I have finished writing it, but this will have to take place once the move is complete and we are all settled in! It shouldn’t be too long now 🙂
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