8 Tips On Keeping Friends Post Baby

Driving out of the hospital post baby is a bit like when you drive a brand new car out of the showroom – you automatically lose value! Well that’s what I think anyway.. So I’ve complied some really easy tips on keeping friends!

1. Have a baby – Your friends will be around for roughly 3 weeks or until the novelty wears off before moving to outermongolia!!

2. Always text them ‘first’ to check how they are – This should be the first thing on your bloody long list of things to do when you get up of a morning (if you’ve even slept the night before!!)

3. This leads me on to number 3 – don’t indulge in chit chat about how much or little sleep you got the night before because quite frankly they do not care!

4. Do not continuously talk about baby whenever you are with them – talk about the million and 5 other things you don’t do now that you have a baby!

5. Do not post too many photos of your baby on social media – this apparently seems to offend quite a few people.

6. Arrange to see them outside of their working hours – abort routine, I repeat abort routine!

7. Always be on time – it doesn’t matter if your baby had a poonami as you were leaving the door if you have said a time STICK TO IT!

8. DO NOT BY ANY MEANS HAVE ANOTHER BABY – you have just started to become less of a hassle, do not ruin it!!

And just as a side note number 9 is ignore all of the above! If they are true friends they won’t expect it from you.

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