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9 Things You Forget About Life With A Newborn..

I remember everyone said to me “you soon forget the pain of labour” when I was pregnant with Little. That was in fact true (until I went through it again and it all came flooding back!!). This was also the case with life with a newborn! I forgot how demanding they were. Not that I mind because obviously they are very cute! I asked some lovely bloggers to help me out with this post and here are the things we forgot about life with a newborn..

1. Newborns know when there is food about so will want to be held just as you go to take that first bite. Meaning you will never eat at the same time as your partner because you will tag team the baby!

2. “For me it was sleeping at night. I just had in my head that newborns sleep all day. Which is true, it’s night when they won’t sleep! Oh and I had no idea how to swaddle any more! So nighttime wasn’t easy.” – Alex from Lamb & Bear

3. Bedtime is the same time as said newborn so you can get maximum amount of sleep before you are awake again!


4. “How noisy they are, especially when sleeping! Snuffling, wriggling, randomly making noises – used to take me ages to get back to sleep sometimes!” – Emily from Emily and Indiana

5. You have to start getting ready approximately 5 hours before needing to leave the house, factor in 10 feeds, 20 nappy changes and of course a few changes of outfit for yourself!

6. “How amazing and relaxing it is to have a newborn fall asleep in your arms. I think it is one of my favourite things in the whole world.” – Lucy from Mrs H’s Favourite Things

7. Just how precious those tiny bundles are and they come with many worries. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT google any worries you may have!


8. “Everything I have 2 x 8 year gaps!” – Emily Jones

9.  How much love you can feel when you thought you were already at full capacity! <3

10. I’ll leave this one blank for you to add what you had forgotten about life with a newborn. Leave a comment below and get involved 🙂

Sarah from Run Jump Scrap! has also written about the 10 things she’d forgotten about a newborn. Be sure to check it out 🙂


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