Gift Ideas For Baby At Christmas*

It’s almost December so it’s totally acceptable to start using the C word right?! I love this time of year – it’s so magical. This year is extra special as it is Baby’s first Christmas. She will only be 3 months so has absolutely no idea what is going on. It may seem like a waste of money as she won’t be opening her own presents but we couldn’t leave her out. Here is a few gift ideas we think Baby will like!


Baby’s First Christmas Bauble from Find Me A Gift – £7.99

As its Baby’s First Christmas I have to have something personalised to mark the occasion. I love that we can write her a message that she can treasure forever.

The Black & White Baby Book by Milly & Flynn – £4.99

From birth baby’s see shapes by following the lines where light and dark meet. Red is the first colour they see. These books will be perfect to help Baby focus and keep her stimulated.

Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket from Tesco Direct – £15.

Being the second sibling means she has many toys handed down from her sister. We wanted to get a few of her own she can enjoy before her birthday. Little was very into pretend play so I’m guessing Baby will be too.

Dance & Move Beatbelle from Toys R Us – £34.99

We saw something similar to this in Mothercare a little while ago and Baby loved the colours. I also love that you can record a message and Belle will remix it.

Cloud B Sleep Sheep from Find Me A Gift – £24.99

I have heard so many parents saying such great things about the power of white noise. Some of the other products can be quite pricey but I thought this was very reasonable.

What else would be on your list for a 3 month old?

*This post contains some PR samples but all views are our own and 100% honest.


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