Baby You Are Four Months Old

It’s crazy just how fast time is going. I guess I can no longer class you as a newborn? But you will always be my baby. Four months sounds like such a long time yet it feels like you’ve always been with us. I feel so lucky to have you apart of our family!

four months

At four months you have started giggling. It is the best sound ever and when you do – your whole face lights up! You certainly make yourself known with your growling and talking. Your most favourite thing to do is roll around on the floor with your big sister. It is so nice to watch!

One of the best sounds in life ❤️ #babygiggles #cutestsound

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You spend a lot of time with your fingers in your mouth and really chomp down on them. In fact you have actually made yourself cry a few times you silly sausage. Still no sign of any teeth cutting but your bottom gums are very white and dribbling is still very much a thing!

Not much has changed since your last update if I’m honest. You still feed mostly every 4 hours but sometimes only manage 3 and a half. I have just started making 8oz bottles and sometimes you will completely drain it and others not even manage 7. Last time I had you weighed you were 13b exactly and now you weigh 13b 12oz so you’re obviously feeding enough! In a few weeks I think we will have to move you into 3-6 month clothes WAHHHHH!!

I think you’ve pretty much got yourself into a routine when it comes to sleep. You have your last feed between 6:30pm and 8pm and then go to sleep for the night. We then don’t hear from you until 7/8am unless Daddy’s alarms stir you before that. I’m really hoping we don’t experience the four month sleep regression because you really love your sleep! Naps still don’t have much of a routine apart from your first nap of the day. About an hour and a bit after waking up you are ready for another nap!

That is pretty much all that has changed within the last month. You still look more like Daddy than you do me but your cute so I don’t mind ;)!

As always, we love you all the way to the moon and back xxxxxxxxx


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