Baby You Are One Month Old

This is crazy.. I cannot believe I am writing this. 1 month?! These newborn days go so quickly..


This month we have been busy adjusting to life as a four. I still cannot believe you are here let alone 1 month old! Daddy will be going back to work soon so I will get you all to myself.

The first month is always the busiest what with visitors, midwife appointments, health visitors etc. Since birth you have gained nearly a pound as you were 9lb 3oz when I last had you weighed at 3 weeks and 2 days! You were 8lb 4oz at birth. I’m so pleased you are gaining weight as we had quite a scare with projectile vomiting but thats a while different story. We have started to put you in up to 1 month clothing as I couldn’t really stretch out your newborn clothing much longer. This makes me so sad as it means you are growing up! You’re not that tiny curled up baby anymore. You are really showing your strength when it comes to holding your head and you are so alert at times, fixating on objects and following things with your eyes!

3 Weeks Old

We are currently combination feeding and so far it is going very well. You tend to drink a 4oz bottle every 3/4 hours and feed from me in between, first thing in the morning, last thing at night and whenever you want to! Dr Browns bottles seem to have really helped you to bring up your wind, along with infacol although we seem to be suffering from the dreaded colic. We never experienced this with Little so its all new to us but you become fussy anytime between 6-8pm which is also dinner/bath/bed time!

Sleep-wise we seem to be getting into some sort of routine. You are a very good sleeper at night although I’m not sure I should be writing that incase I jinx it! You have your last feed around 9/10pm and will normally sleep until 3/4am when you will feed and go back down in your Snuzpod. You slept through 11pm-7am on Sunday night and we are hoping it wasn’t a one off.

We are pretty sure you have smiled a few times since Friday although they say smiles don’t come until about 6/8 weeks. I don’t think its wind as you normally have a little chat beforehand 🙂 You make the cutest of sounds!


I am just in awe of you and the way you have adapted so well to life in our crazy household. You are an absolute poppet and I cannot wait for what the next few months has in store! I love you to the moon and back xxxxxxxx

Why can’t they stay little forever?!

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