six months old

Baby You Are Six Months Old

No no no. I don’t want to be writing this. I can’t be writing this! My baby cannot be and is not six months old. It was only last month I was worrying about being induced! Now I’m worrying about my maternity leave coming to an end!!

At six months you are quite the character. You never keep still, you’re louder than other babies your age, often refuse naps and spend the time rolling around and rocking on all fours! We often joke that you’re a baby reprobate but we honestly wouldn’t have you any other way. You absolutely love spending time in your jumperoo and it’s obvious even when you’re not in it.

six months old
I love that you are now able to sit and join in with family games. You can sit for some time unaided until something catches your eye and you dive or throw yourself backwards! You get yourself in the crawling position but haven’t quite learnt to move your arms yet. I’m not ready for you to crawl so you take as long as you need 😉

Your inquisitive side is still going strong. Forever grabbing everything in your site including my cutlery when I’m eating! I know it won’t be long until you and your sister will be arguing over toys because she already hates you playing with her toys.

We have already started giving you a few finger foods because you made us feel so terrible when eating in front of you. I’m kind of excited to wean you properly and I think you will do so well. Bring on the mess! I finally had you weighed on Wednesday and you weighed 15b 12oz. You look like you’re quite a big baby but actually you’re still just a little baby. I mentioned last month that I was thinking of upping your milk and I did. You now drink 8oz every 4 hours although you don’t always finish a bottle.

At six months you are still a very good sleeper although we have had a few tricky nights thanks to a horrible cough that you just can’t seem to get rid of. You are becoming a bit of an early riser but I guess I can’t complain. First nap of the day is very important and if you miss it boy do I pay for it. It makes it super difficult to actually leave the house but I know that this will pass! So for now I just follow your lead. The last few weeks we have been putting you down in the big cot for your naps. I’m not ready for you to move out of my bedroom yet though!

six months old

As always, it’s an absolute pleasure to have you as part of our family. You are one of the happiest babies I know. When you smile your whole face lights up and I could not love you anymore if I tried!

I love you all the way to the moon and back xxxxxxxx


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