eight months old

Baby You Are Eight Months Old

I honestly cannot believe I am writing your eight month update. How can that even be? Eight months. That means there is only 4 months until you turn 1!! I honestly feel like you have grown up at such a rate and I do not remember your sister ever growing this quick! Next month my maternity pay ends so I’m currently trying to drag my money a bit further because I’m not ready to leave you yet!

So the crawling has continued. You are so quick! Nothing is safe. You have even started pulling yourself up. Normally on the lightest items you can find which result in them falling on top of you! One day you will learn my darling. Another of your new tricks is pulling yourself up on the side of your cot. This makes bedtime a fun task!

eight months old

We finally (ALMOST) have a tooth. Your bottom left tooth has been trying to cut through for a few days! This has meant you’ve struggled quite a bit but nothing being close won’t help. You’re not much of a cuddler but you like to be near when you’re upset!

Weaning is going amazingly. You have tried most meats now and I haven’t found anything that you really dislike! Sometimes you gag but I’ve noticed that you are really trying to chew your food despite having no teeth. You are still having 4 7oz bottles which your sister had dropped one of by this age. Yogurts an fruit purees are your absolute fave and you will growl at me once they’ve run out!!

eight months old

Size wise (poet and I didn’t know it!) you are still in a size 3 nappy and wearing 6-9 month clothes. You still have a few items that are 3-6 but I think I’m pushing my luck a bit! We’ve bought mostly 9-12 month clothes for our holiday in less than 3 weeks so I’m hoping they’re not too big.

I cannot believe how different you are to your sister, but so alike at the same time. The bond you two have is amazing to watch. You climb all over her and she (occasionally) just lays there and she’s even started sharing her toys with you!

You’ve still got those big blue eyes so I’m thinking they are probably here to stay 🙂

As always, I love you to the moon and back xxxxxxx


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