Baby You Are Two Months Old

And what a divine two month old you are. I’m pretty certain time is going by so much quicker but I guess I knew it would as I have another child to look after too! I try to spend as much time taking in all your little features without leaving your big sister out. You are so much like your sister but so different at the same time!


This month has seen you get your first lot of immunisations and take a trip to A&E thanks to your big sister. I remember immunisations being tough with Little but I was so much more emotional this time! You just seem so fragile. As expected you really disliked the jabs and screamed your little heart out but nothing a cuddle with Mummy didn’t settle! Luckily for you (and I guess me) they didn’t seem to affect you too much. As for the trip to A&E you took an iPhone to the head courtesy of your big sister which made you vomit! Other than the sickness, you seemed fine but I just didn’t trust my Mummy instincts enough. Hopefully your sister has learnt to be more careful around you now!


You are quite the piglet when it comes to feeding. Usually you have a 5oz bottle every 3 and a bit hours but some days you will want to feed every 2 hours and have been known to drink 6+oz at one sitting! This month I stopped breastfeeding you as it was just making you more unsettled and it meant that you fed more often (even with a bottle) so it wasn’t fair on you or your sister. I’m so glad I got to experience feeding you though 🙂

Sleeping is also going well but only at night time. Obviously I prefer it this way but you can be quite the pickle to get to sleep during the day. I usually have to fight you and then as soon as I put you down you wake up and we have to start over again. I have tried putting you down in your Snuz during the day but I find you sleep better either on the sofa (with adult supervision of course!) or in my bed. To be honest I’m fine with that as it means I can get ready or spend time with your sister. You go down to bed between 8:30pm and 10pm and sleep until anything between 6am – 8am. It all depends on either Daddy’s alarm or how loud your sister is when she comes in.

You are growing well. I don’t remember your sister ever putting on so much weight but I’ve compared your red books and you’re pretty similar. Last time I had you weighed you were 10lb 9.5oz at 7 weeks. I imagine you are probably well over 11lb now! I’ve had to pack all your newborn clothes away already and it won’t be long before I’ll be doing to same with up to 1 month. 0-3 months slightly drown you but you still look cute! I would however like you to stop trying to grow up so fast! You are so good at supporting your own head and have even tried rolling over on numerous occasions.

Everyone says how much you look like Daddy and sometimes I can see it. I thought you looked identical to your big sister until I started comparing photos. You are a lot chompier in the face. When you smile your whole face lights up and you smile a lot!

Little & Baby

I am so glad you are part of our family and I am really enjoying watching you grow and develop! I just wish time would slow down so I can enjoy you some more 🙂 I love you all the way to the moon and back xxxxxxxxx


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