Blogs, Buffets & The Cold #LittleLoves

I stumbled across this over on What The Redhead Said blog when browsing Facebook on New Years Day and I just had to join in! One of my 2016 Goals is to join in with linkies so here it goes..

I really must get back to reading books as I do enjoy it. But this week I have been reading more blogs and I am back on bloglovin to keep up to date!
I have spent most of my week off watching Peppa Pig (I’m growing quite fond of George!!) as this is Scarlett’s favourite thing to watch. She even got a DVD for Christmas. But when it’s my turn I have been catching up on Hollyoaks & Eastenders!
I got a new CD for Christmas so I’ve enjoyed listening to that in the car and singing along to songs that were a big part of my life when I first started driving!
I haven’t made much this week as we’ve been total slobs! But I did make a bit of a spread last night for New Uears Eve as we had family and a few friends over!
Obviously with it being Christmas I wore the standard Christmas jumper! My sister also got me a new shirt for Christmas so I’ve worn that this week. If we’ve been out and about I have been styling my coat as I think it’s absolutely freezing at the moment!!

and Lastly..
I hope the start of 2016 is how you plan to go on! I’m currently laying in bed writing this up with my beautiful girly laying next to me!

What have been the highlights of your week?


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