Coping With A Teething Baby

I always thought Scarlett would be one of those babies who just sailed through teething without a peep. But I guess we all probably hope for that! Well Scarlett seems to be really suffering at the moment and its left me feeling pretty helpless.

She wakes in the night and sometimes she is easily soothed back off or like last night she was very unsettled, waking crying every time she dosed off to sleep. I tried everything, cuddling her to sleep, changing her nappy, rubbing her back, letting her have the whole bed to soothe herself and giving her a bottle. Eventually she went back to sleep after over 2 hours on and off crying so I’m thinking it was probably her sleep.

She was also running a bit of a temperature the other morning when usually she wakes up and her hands are freezing. Her bottom also seems to be very sore, although that doesn’t seem to bother her too much.

She seems to be pooping a lot more too and they are quite soft (sorry for too much info!!). She is also not too bothered about food at the moment but still loves her milk.

I have found a few things that help us cope with teething.

– Dentinox Teething Gel seems to take the edge off the pain for Scarlett and I even think she quite likes the taste of it!!


– Calpol works wonders for her temperature and gives her a bit of a sugar rush. Again she likes the taste!!

– I am never without a teething toy. This really helps Scarlett as she gets quite irritated with her teeth. She can really bite down on her toys relieving her irritation and soothing her gums!

– Cold fruit especially peaches and bananas. They are both soft fruits so when she gums down on them they are nice and cold around her gums.

– Say goodbye to routine. We are not bothered about a routine we just go with what Scarlett wants. So if she wants to go to sleep she does. If she wants to cuddle to go to sleep, we do! We don’t worry about ‘making a rod for our backs!’ we just go with what Scarlett wants and needs.

What are your teething tips? Do you have any products that have really worked for you and baby?

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