Daddy’s Little Princess


I have always been one of those people who melt at the sight of a father with their child/ren. I don’t know whether this is because I never saw this with my own father or just because it is such a lovely sight!

Now I love it even more because I am lucky enough to watch my daughter with her Daddy! They have such a beautiful bond and she loves spending time with her Daddy.

Last week James was off work for the whole week and Scarlett absolutely loved waking up to her Daddy every morning. (Mummy even got a lay in one of the mornings! WIN WIN!) I really watched their relationship grow this week and it really shows, even with James. Now when he gets home from work Scarlett gets all excited and he cannot wait to give her a cuddle! They then spend the evening playing and giggling until bath time, where Daddy takes control and gets her ready for bed.

Everyone always asks if shes a Daddy’s Girl but she doesn’t really have a favourite. She likes to go to Daddy when she wants to have fun (or a chocolate biscuit or whatever hes eating!) but if she just wants a snuggle then I’m her fave!! But she is still young, so who knows!

Scarlett wasn’t the only one who enjoyed having James at home. It was so lovely as being at home with just Scarlett can sometimes get lonely, especially as she loves a mammoth sleep during the day. It also gave him a bit of an insight to a day with Scarlett because her routine gets a little messed up at the weekend so now he knows I’m not just having a year off work!!

Does your child have a favourite parent? Do you think it differs dependent on the sex of the child?

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