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Baby suffered with colic quite bad in her first few weeks and really struggled to bring up her wind. Infacol helped with this a bit but when we made the switch to Dr Brown’s bottles we really started to notice a difference.

We were very kindly sent the Dr Brown’s Options Newborn Gift Set which includes 1 x microwave steriliser, 1 pair of tongs, 3 x 270ml bottles and 2 x 150ml bottles supplied with level 1 teats, 2 x level 2 teats, 2 x level 3 teats, 1 x bottle brush and 2 travel caps.

With Little we used an electric steriliser so I had no experience of using a microwave one, but 8 weeks down the line and I would say I’m a pro. The instructions with the steriliser aren’t the easiest to read so I’m not sure I put the bottles in the correct way but I’ve found a way that works for us! We also struggled with fitting it in our microwave, which isn’t a problem with the steriliser but our microwave, but again with a little bit of manoevering we worked it out.

The things I like most about the microwave steriliser are:

  • it isn’t big and bulky so doesn’t take up much worktop space,
  • it is easily moved from sink to microwave and
  •  it takes 6 minutes to sterilise 4 bottles.


As I’ve mentioned before I combine feed Baby so a bottle design close to breastfeeding was very high up on our list. The Dr Browns Options bottles have an internal vent system that works with the silicon teat to provide a controlled flow so that Baby can feed at her own pace.

The Dr Brown’s Options bottles can also be used without the green vent system. Their newly designed teat allows air to vent through the bottle even when the vent system is not used, unlike their natural flow bottles. This is ideal for when Baby is a little older and her feeding is more developed. Another feature that I’ve seen being mentioned a lot is the numbers being printed in blue – making it easier and clearer to read.

My only fault with these bottles is that they do occasionally leak. It’s not a massive problem if using the perfect prep machine but if using boiling water from the kettle it does leak quite a bit!

However we absolutely love our Dr Brown’s Options bottles and are so glad they will grow with Baby! If your baby suffers with trapped wind or colic we highly recommend making the switch.

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