Hollyoaks, Uniforms and Park Trips #LittleLoves

I cannot belive it has been a week since I last wrote about my #LittleLoves. This week has just flown by.

I haven’t managed to read anything this week but I am on the hunt for good reads if anyone has any?
I am a total lover of Hollyoak’s so I have found myself catching up on this at any spare moment! Do you watch it? I find myself shouting at Maxine with the whole Patrick situation!
My Nan saying ‘love you’ when I went to visit her yesterday and Scarlett referring to everything as ‘my’. ‘My Mummy’, ‘My Daddy’ and ‘My Nanny’! She’s such a lovely little poppet. 

Some delicious Slimming World meals this week. I have been trying really hard to stay on plan this week! So far so good but the weekend is approaching πŸ™

Mainly my work uniform if I’m honest. I haven’t been out anywhere special to dress up for (hint hint James!)

and Lastly..
Scarlett and I took a visit to our local park as today’s weather looked really bright! It was still cold and very muddy but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. We then took a wander to the shops for some ‘sveeties’ and a drink πŸ™‚

How has your week been?


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  1. I haven't watched Hollyoaks for years. I used to love it. Am thinking of seeing if the very first ones are on youtube or something so I can rewatch them, they were brilliant when it first started. I love slimming world, fingers crossed you get on ok this week. Have a great weekend x

  2. Welcome to Little Loves!
    I haven't watched Hollyoaks in a long time, I used to get way to emotionally involved in it all, lol I know that if I started watching it I'd be hooked right back in though.
    I used to love taking my girls to the park when they were little, especially if a trip to the shop for sweets was on the cards too πŸ˜‰
    Have a lovely week xx

  3. I never got in to Hollyoaks I don't know why, although my friend was in it when she was younger. She now teaches drama to troubled teens, super cool. Everyone is on Slimming World, I think we are missing the boat here and need to get on this trend and quick, the hubby and I are both down about our weight, more so him as I live in denial most of the time. We love park trips, they're the greatest. Looking forward to reading more of your blog this year xxx

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