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How To Save Money Before Your Holiday | Guest Post

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it but we are currently on holiday in (hopefully) sunny Spain! So today I have a guest post from John all about how you can save money before your actual holiday. John writes all about his knowledge and experience of money-making opportunities and where the best places to find them!

Trying to save money on holiday I find can be a bit of a double edged sword. The last thing you want sometimes is to be away with the family and worrying about having to be constrained with what money you spend.

It’s because of that reason that I always look for ways where I can save money before I go and keep the cost down there which means I then have more money available to spend while we are away enjoying ourselves.

With that in mind here are 3 TOP TIPS when it comes to saving money BEFORE you depart for your holiday

The Lowest Price Guaranteed eBookers Loophole

I have been doing this for a great number of trips and it is a loophole you can use to GUARANTEE that you get the cheapest price for the hotel you book. It doesn’t matter if you book at £200 and you see it 4 weeks later on another website for £120 as YOU CAN GET THAT MONEY BACK. In a nutshell eBookers have a LOWER PRICE GUARANTEE in place up to 48hrs before you check in at the hotel. So if the price drops or if you find the hotel cheaper elsewhere in the run up to you going then you get the money refunded back to your card no questions asked! I’ve had £1000s returned to my card over the time I’ve been using it so take a look!

Buy as many toiletries as you can before you go

As dull as it sounds we always go to ASDA the day before and buy everything from toothpaste to shower gel and beyond. They do a fantastic range of miniature toiletries that you can fit in you case to take with you which means you know you have everything when you head on out of the door. This means no frantic and expensive buying at the Airport or elsewhere and best of all your can just dump them all at the end of the trip which means no wet sponge leaking onto your toothpaste on the way home!

Travel Cards

I used to be a firm believer of taking nothing but cash with us when we went on holiday abroad. This all changed when we went to Florida a few years back and I got introduced to travel cards which you could pre-load with your money.

There are quite a few available but FairFX is the one that I have personally used for years and offers a great rate no matter if we are looking to exchange our money into Euros of Dollars.

Now there’s obviously not much of a difference there between taking cash or a card however if you take a FairFx card you are able to put more money onto it on the fly using their smartphone app while out and about on your holiday for FREE which means you aren’t hit with service changes any time you are looking to have access to a bit of extra cash on holiday.

I hope these tips have helped you out. If you ever want anymore money saving goodies please pop over to my website The Money Shed which is one of the largest personal finance sites in the UK and could both help you save AND make an amazing amount of money!

I would love to know your top money saving tip of all time 🙂


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