I Did It..

I actually did it.. I went along to a playgroup and with two children.. Two whole children! And we all survived.

I’ve never been the most confident of people and after Little was born I suffered with a bit of depression & anxiety so never really went to any groups. This time around I’m feeling a lot better so started looking into groups in our village.

Living in a village can go either way. Some people are so friendly and speak to you in the streets but sometimes the groups can be very clicky where they’ve already made friendships!

But today I did it.. I bit the bullet and went along to a group and it was just so lovely! The leader was very friendly and introduced us to a few other Mums. Little was in her element because they had her two favourite things.. Dolls and crafts! Baby had some time floor time too and then spent rest of the time asleep on me. And I got to speak to other Mums from the village about our children and pre-schools!


So yeah.. I did it! And I’m so glad I did.

James always says to me.. “Never have the conversation in your head!” And for once I agree.

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