I’m Not Ready For You To Grow Up

My Dearest Little,

It’s all getting a little out of my control. This whole growing up thing! I’m just not ready for it. I’m struggling.

You have always been my side kick. Right from day one. I spent 13 months with you every waking minute of everyday.

Then when I went back to work, I adjusted. You adjusted. But we still got plenty of time together.

Now on my second maternity leave, I have spent so many lovely days with you. I’ve had a blast! Being at home with you and your sister has been the greatest! I’m not ready for that to change.

But now that you are three, I feel like you’re grown up. Moving on without me!

I don’t like being at home without you. It just doesn’t feel right!

And come September you will be at nursery school 5 mornings a week. That means minus the weekends I will not get one full day at home with you!

Who will persuade me to go for cake? Remind me what we need from the shops? And always reply “go to the park” when asked what they’d like to do?


I wish I could go back to your early days and do it all again. Make it count! Enjoy the time I had with you before you grow up and move into the big wide world!

Urgh I’m tearing writing this. Anyone would think you were moving out, emigrating or something major but to me this is major. You’re just not my baby anymore and thats a hard pill to swallow!

So keep making me proud little one! Just don’t have too much fun without me, okay?

All my love, forever and always xxxxxxxxxxx


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