International Day of Happiness

As it’s International Day of Hapiness I thought I would share with you the little things in life (other than the obviously Scarlett, family etc) that make me happy!

1. Getting into bed with fresh bed sheets
2. The smell of fresh laundry that has been hanging outside – each item has to be hung up with the same coloured pegs!
3. Having the volume on a number ending in either 0 or 5. If not possible it has to be an even number!
4. Being the first to open a packet or drink!!
5. The rain hitting the window when I’m cosy in bed.
6. Hoovering up a pile of crumbs and watching them get sucked up!
7. People saying hello with a smile in the street 🙂
8. Having a clean house/car!
9. Going for a lovely stroll and finding new places to explore! 
10. Sharing my biscuits with Scarlett whilst sitting on the sofa! 

What makes you happy?!
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