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Keeping Children Safe In The Sun On Holiday: Tips & Products

We’ve just come back from our first family holiday and I found the lead up such an anxious time. There is so much to remember, pack and prepare! Keeping children safe in the sun is just one of those worries. I spent a huge amount of time searching for products that would make me feel less anxious. With a toddler who loves being outdoors and a baby who does not sit still for more than 2 seconds at a time I needed all the help!

So I’ve compiled my tips, and some products for keeping children safe in the sun on holiday, into one place.

Cover Up

The most important purchase’s for us as a family were UV swimsuits and beach shoes. The swimsuits meant that most of their delicate skin was covered from the sun and beach shoes protected their little feet from the heat of the floor!

Something else that we could not have been without was our Snoozeshade. It provided a cool, dark place for Baby to sleep and kept me from worrying about her being in direct sunlight whilst she slept by the pool!

“It’s always been SO helpful on holidays to get both kids to nap during the day, and helped them to fall asleep in the sunny evenings so we could still enjoy ourselves!” Emily

keeping children safe in the sun

When searching for products I came across the UV Poncho Towel from Cuddledry. I cannot believe I didn’t know about such things before! And after watching Emily and Indiana’s review I’m gutted we didn’t get the girls one each.

Stay Out Of The Sun

This advice is all very well and good but if you had to stay out of the sun from 11am – 3pm on holiday – well there wouldn’t be much of the day left, would there? So instead we chose to find areas where there was a bit of shade so that the girls could take breaks. We also found that eating indoors instead of by the poolside meant they got a break from the sun.

“The wetsuits keep the kids shoulders and arms covered to help prevent burning and the neoprene fabric dries super fast, meaning that they can keep them on when they come out of the sea – they dry super fast and retain warmth so they don’t feel the cold.” – Kate

Apply Sunscreen

A pretty obvious one I think. Although I have seen a lot of people thinking that factor 50 means their children are fully protected. You need to make sure its water-resistant and still apply every few hours or more, especially after coming into contact with water. Also make sure you check the UVA rating on the bottle as not all have 5 stars!

“It’s so important to stay protected when out in the sun, regardless of where in the world you are, and Vichy and La Roche-Posay have such wonderful suncare ranges that I wholeheartedly recommend.” – Sophia

Keep Hydrated

So so important. Luckily both my girls are good drinkers but I still had to remind Little to drink frequently. Being busy on holiday it can be easy to forget. If using bottled water you need to ensure it has less than 200 mg a litre of sodium and no more than 250mg a litre of sulphate. Evian was our go to!

Set A Good Example

You can’t teach your children about keeping safe in the sun if you don’t do so yourself. Make applying sunscreen part of your family routine on holiday. All help each other apply it and make sure you drink enough water too!

Do you have any products you would add? I’d love to hear your top tips for keeping children safe in the sun!



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