Little You Are Three Years Old

I cannot believe I am writing this but you are three years old! The last time I did an update you were 2 and a half and awaiting the birth of your baby sister. Just looking back at that update I can see how much you’ve changed. How much you’ve grown!

three years old

I say it in every update but my goodness I am so proud of you. You are so caring and thoughtful. You know the right things to say and you know when to say them! The way you tell me “I love you Mama” and the way you tell Baby “I love you Bubba” is like music to my ears. You are so full of love! Your baby sister doesn’t know how lucky she is to have you as her big sister. Just like I will never be able to fully explain how lucky I feel everyday to have you as my daughter.

three years old

Three years you have been by my side! In those three years I have watched you grow to be this little girl who is old beyond her years yet still so baby in my eyes. I love the way you still need your muzzy when your sad and sometimes only a Mama hug will do!

Everyday with you is like a comedy show. You forever have me in fits of giggles! “Can you tidy my toys up cause somethings happened to me and I can’t do it!” “I’m doing it in a minute honey!” “Daddy doesn’t have a bum does he? He has a willy!”

You are just so full of character!

The attitude and sass are still very much apart of you. You do this cute little tutting thing when your up on your soap box about something. And your imagination is just amazing. I could sit and watch you play all day!

three years old

Of course I cannot write this update without a mention of Aggs. Aggs needs to be remembered! We still aren’t sure who he is but you talk about him all the time. From what I’ve gathered from you he’s a little bit naughty and is always up to mischief!

A huge milestone is that you can now use the pedals on a bike! You really wanted one for your birthday but we have been very mean parents and not got you one! Simply because you’ve already got one big present and we struggle with ideas so we are saving that one for a later date!

As always thank you so much for being a part of my life! You are such an amazing little girl and I cannot believe that you are mine.

three years old

Keep doing what you’re doing baby girl.

I love you all the way to the moon anddddddd back! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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