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Halloween, Crafts & Peppa’s Surprise #LittleLoves


Still haven’t picked up a book! I’m pretty sure time just runs away because I can’t believe it’s actually Friday again. However I have been made to read ‘Tiddler’ quite a few times this week – not sure if that counts!


As I mentioned last week we took Little to see Peppa’s Surprise in our local arena. Little was a little unsure to start with as it was her first time watching anything like this! Towards the end she really got into it and became mesmerised. It was lovely to spend some time with just our biggest girl whilst Baby hung out with her Nanny & Auntie Larlie!

Peppa Pig's Surprise

Peppa Pig's Surprise


We have been very creative this week what with it being Halloween and nearly Firework Night. Instead of going trick or treating this year we stayed home, ate hotdogs, carved our pumpkin and decorated gingerbread pumpkins! Although Little probably ate more of the decorations than she used!!

Pumpkin Decorating

Daddy, Mummy & Little Pumpkins

Now that Firework Night is nearly upon us we decided to make our very own Firework pictures using toilet roll tubes!

Firework Pictures


Halloween outfits of course..

Little dressed as a Zombie Princess

Little dressed as a Zombie Princess

Baby dressed as a Pumpkin

Baby dressed as a Pumpkin


How cute is this video that Tom Fletcher put on his Facebook? I didn’t even know Giovanna could sing!



Who is excited for Firework Night? I am such a lover of fireworks. There is something about the way they light up the sky!



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