OITNB, Memories & Work Uniforms #LittleLoves


I’ve not long finished reading ‘The Girl On The Train’ – what an amazing book! Highly recommended. I now have ‘Me Before You’ sitting on my bedside table but I have been told its very emotional so I’m holding off as I’m a blubbering mess over nothing these days aha!


I have finished season 4 of OITNB and what a way to leave it.. Bring on season 5!! Little has also taken a shine to Mr Tumble in Something Special so this is a request most nights before bed. I’d prefer this over Peppa Pig any day haha!


“Aww your so luvvy Mummy” were Little’s words whilst laying in bed the other morning. She is such a caring, affectionate little girl and I know how super lucky I am to have her!


.. Nothing but memories this week! This week has been a bit of weird one with my emotions but I’m trying my hardest to stay motivated!


My work uniform as I have been working extra hours so feels like I have never taken it off. You may have seen over on Instagram that I have been sent some lovely Maternity goodies from Matalan so I’m sure they will be featuring soon 🙂

And Lastly..

James is home on Friday so we are looking forward to a lovely family weekend hopefully although we do need to start preparing for Baby #2!!



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