Living Arrows | 3/52

Living Arrows

I normally write my Living Arrows post the night before but last night I just didn’t feel myself so I took myself off to bed for an early night. In fact I’ve barely been on social media today and it feels great. Now Baby is sleeping and Little is watching a bit of youtube as we’ve dropped her naps so I’m grabbing five minutes to share my photos for this week!

Both of my photos were taken in the moment and not planned at all. This morning I decided that despite the rain we were leaving the house so off to soft play we went! Little is so confident in soft play now and every time we go she makes a new friend. It is so lovely to watch the way she interacts with other children because I remember when she first started nursery she was very much a lone wolf.

Living Arrows

Baby also got in on the fun today. For once she wasn’t asleep so I took her into the baby area where she could watch all the other children and take in all the bright colours. When Little noticed we were in the baby area she came to join us. I never have to worry about Little being boisterous to other children and today she spent her time entertaining another little girl. All she was doing was pushing some swinging foam and allowing it to hit her face but this really made the little girl laugh! I overheard a few of the other parents/childminders there commenting on how cute it was!

Living Arrows

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran

Living Arrows

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