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Maternity Leave, Sky Diving & Shepherds Pie #LittleLoves

This week marks the beginning of my Maternity Leave and less than 2 weeks until Baby #2 is due to make her arrival! I’m looking forward to spending as much time as possible with Little before she becomes a big sister.


On the nights where I am not asleep before 9:30pm I have started to read ‘Me Before You’ and I have really gotten into it. I’ve been told it is a very emotional read so I’m taking it slow haha!


Unlike most of the other posts I have seen, I haven’t watched GBBO – please don’t hate me!! I’m not sure if this counts but last week I watched my very brave older sister throw herself out of a plane to raise money for Dementia!!


We have been so slack with dinners lately as it has just been too hot to be slaving over the oven but on Saturday night I had my Mum round for dinner and I made a homemade Shepherds Pie. It was delicious if I do say so myself.


It has been my last week of wearing my work uniform and when I’m not at work I have been wearing as few clothes as possible. This heat and heavily pregnant do not make a good mix!


Little is constantly talking about her “little sister” and asking “when she coming?” I am cherishing every little inch of my first baby and I love hearing her little feet on the carpet when she walks into my bedroom every morning!

and Lastly..

We are off to my Mum’s caravan this weekend, the 3 of us, as our last little getaway before we are a family of 4!



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