My Labour Plans For The Second Time

With my due date quickly approaching I have been thinking a lot about my plans for labour this time. With Little I had absolutely no idea what labour would be like so I guess I was a little naive. Although I didn’t have a birth plan exactly I did have things that I wanted. I don’t want to brag or jinx it but my labour with Little was very straight forward and not as bad as I thought it would be!!
This time I have not written a plan as we all know labour is very unpredictable. Instead I have written a few things I would like to happen if possible..

Water Birth – I had a water birth with Little and I found it so calming and relaxing compared to being on the bed. I would really love to have one this time too!

James to cut the cord – Again he did this with Little so I feel it is only right that he does it for this little one too.

Immediate Skin-to-Skin – Little was passed straight to me and it was such an amazing feeling. I think I suffered with shock as I was shaking so much when they passed her to me that I nearly dropped her!! If possible this time I want to be the first person to actually touch Tiny and pick her up out of the water.

Pain Relief – I’m open to anything that will help make labour as comfortable as possible but I do not want Pethidine. I’m going to try and do it with no pain relief again but I am not writing anything off.

Sugary Drinks/Snacks – After labour last time I felt very shaky and very sick. I want James to make sure I have something very sugary straight after to try and prevent this from happening.

No Hospital Visitors – As Little was our first and the first grandbaby on both sides I felt obliged to let people visit straight away. I remember feeling very weak and not really up for visitors so this time I do not want any visitors unless I decide, other than Little of course!

I can’t really think of anything else other that I want to make sure Little is happy wherever she may be when the time comes. I feel a lot more nervous this time around and I guess this is because I have the responsibly of Little too. Saying that I do trust my body enough to do what it has to do!

Do you have any advice for a second time Mum?


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