My Labour Plans For The Second Time

With my due date quickly approaching I have been thinking a lot about my plans for labour this time. With Little I had absolutely no idea what labour would be like so I guess I was a little naive. Although I didn’t have a birth plan exactly I did have things that I wanted. I don’t want to brag or jinx it but my labour with Little was very straight forward and not as bad as I thought it would be!!
This time I have not written a plan as we all know labour is very unpredictable. Instead I have written a few things I would like to happen if possible..

Water Birth – I had a water birth with Little and I found it so calming and relaxing compared to being on the bed. I would really love to have one this time too!

James to cut the cord – Again he did this with Little so I feel it is only right that he does it for this little one too.

Immediate Skin-to-Skin – Little was passed straight to me and it was such an amazing feeling. I think I suffered with shock as I was shaking so much when they passed her to me that I nearly dropped her!! If possible this time I want to be the first person to actually touch Tiny and pick her up out of the water.

Pain Relief – I’m open to anything that will help make labour as comfortable as possible but I do not want Pethidine. I’m going to try and do it with no pain relief again but I am not writing anything off.

Sugary Drinks/Snacks – After labour last time I felt very shaky and very sick. I want James to make sure I have something very sugary straight after to try and prevent this from happening.

No Hospital Visitors – As Little was our first and the first grandbaby on both sides I felt obliged to let people visit straight away. I remember feeling very weak and not really up for visitors so this time I do not want any visitors unless I decide, other than Little of course!

I can’t really think of anything else other that I want to make sure Little is happy wherever she may be when the time comes. I feel a lot more nervous this time around and I guess this is because I have the responsibly of Little too. Saying that I do trust my body enough to do what it has to do!

Do you have any advice for a second time Mum?


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  1. sounds like your blood sugar was maybe off with the shakes and feeling sick :/ I guess small sips of sugary stuff might help. good luck!! #MarvMondays

  2. I had so many snacks for afterwards – cereal bars and chocolate! I also sipped on still raspberry flavoured lucazade throughout the labour which helped keep my energy up – could maybe try that if you didn’t last time? Good luck! And PS jealous of your water birth!

  3. Oh good luck lovely! I’ve just had my second too and this is a great list. Lucozade really helped me after the birth, I was so exhausted I literally slept for an hour straight afterwards. Having food and sugary things during the birth didnt really help me, it kept making me sick, so a no no for me. I guess the only thing I would add is make sure you have a plan for who will look after the little one regardless what time of the day it is or what day of the week it is 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

    1. Yeah I didn’t eat during my first either or after for a while! I’ve got polos to suck on 🙂 congratulations on your little one! Thank you for hosting xx

  4. This is such a good idea. Last time I wrote my birth plan the night before I found out he was breech so none of it mattered! I’m due next week and haven’t written anything yet! So I might just do this – just a few notes rather than a whole plan! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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