My Newborn Essentials

Being a second time parent I found that I didn’t waste money on things I will probably never use but I also found that we didn’t factor in that Baby would like completely different things to what Little did!

1. Snuzpod

Obviously somewhere for baby to sleep is the biggest essential. With Little we used a crib that was made by my Grandad for my eldest sister over 20 years ago, but Little had outgrown it by about 13 weeks, so this time we wanted something that would last us until Baby was in her own room. This was a saviour in those few early days where I still hadn’t caught up on sleep from labour but I also wanted to be close by.


2. Water Wipes*

Something else we have used everyday since baby was born is Water Wipes. These are so much easier than cotton wool and water and are still so gentle on their delicate bottoms! We have a pack in every room just for good measure 🙂

3. Muslin Squares

A must as I’m sure every parent will tell you! They can be used to protect bedding, clear up any sicky, cover when breastfeeding etc etc. They are just so handy and you can get so many pretty designs too 🙂

4. Nursing Pillow

This isn’t just for breastfeeding Mumma’s. I combination feed Baby and I just find it helps hold her weight because although she doesn’t weigh much (over 9lb now!!) when she’s laying on my arm for long periods of time she begins to feel pretty heavy! We also use this to prop her up during the day as she does’t like to lay flat.

5. Dr Browns Options Bottles*

As I said above I combination feed Baby so when she is not on the breast she can be found guzzling from a Dr Browns Options Bottle! We had a few problems with her projectile vomiting in the first few weeks and we found these really helped with her wind.

6. Perfect Prep Machine

Lazy I know but what a lifesaver. When I’m stumbling into the kitchen at 4am all I have to do is press a few buttons and voila! Baby is not the most patient of babies when she’s starving so this saves all the faffing about cooling down a boiling hot bottle.

7. Bugaboo Buffalo Classic+

Not an essential as such but a girl has to have a nice set of wheels! I am in love with our Bugaboo Buffalo and it gets us from A to B whilst looking super stylish.

8. Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier

Baby loves being in the carrier so when using the pushchair is not practical or we are just popping out I will use it. It is super easy to get on by myself and when she’s a bit older she can face outwards.


We are still on the hunt for a bouncer/rocker type thing so if you have any recommendations please do let us know 🙂

*Contains some PR samples but as always all views are 100% our own

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