Starting A New Career With NCC Home Learning*

new career

Whenever I have a baby (that makes it sound like I’ve had loads!) I always consider my career. Of course I want to continue to better myself for the future of my children but a new career isn’t always easy to come by. Due to my qualifications and previous job history all being in one sector I have found it difficult. I have sent off what feels like a million and five job applications and I’ve barely heard back from one! So when NCC home learning offered me the chance to take one of their courses I literally bit their […]

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Living Arrows | 23/52

Living Arrows

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Graham This week has been one of my favourites for a while. Half term has meant S has been at home! It has been so lovely to have her at home and just enjoy them both instead of rushing around for pre-school runs. I think S has enjoyed being off too. It has meant later nights and later mornings. If only her sister would have got the memo! I’m not sure if its the lighter mornings but L hasn’t been embracing the later mornings. […]

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The Bedtime Tag


Bedtime is my favourite time of the day, for both the girls and I. It’s the time we cuddle and talk about our day and it means I’m one step closer to sleep! When I was a teenager I barely slept. It wasn’t until I got my first full time job that I actually appreciated sleep. Now that I am a parent I need all the sleep I can get! I do not cope very well with little sleep so I totally sympathise with the lovely Hannah from Hi Baby. Hannah tagged me to answer 10 questions about my bedtime routine. Describe […]

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#WhatMyKidDid | June 2017


Wow what a month May has been. It has been such a busy one and you can read all about our family adventures in a previous post! So what have the girls been up to? S started pre-school and is doing so well. She also got a place at the school nursery which I’m so pleased about. Now just to sort out arrangements for when I go back to work! L has two bottom teeth now, pulling herself up to stand and is constantly on the go. Her new trick is to pull herself up on the book case and […]

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