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Please Don’t Tell Me I’m ‘Just Lucky’

My baby sleeps through. There I said it!

It’s something I am always so cautious to say out loud because I don’t want to be seen to be bragging. But I’m fed up of people telling me I’m ‘just lucky‘.

It would be nice if I could take some of the credit. You know like it’s got something to do with my parenting!

Now I’m not saying it’s the parents fault if their child doesn’t sleep through. Nor am I saying that I’m a better parent because my baby does.

I’m just saying it would be nice if we could praise each other on our parenting instead of telling each other ‘you got lucky!’

I know it’s so easy to judge and boy I’ve been guilty of it in the past. But can’t we just build each other up as parents? Turn everything into a positive?

Just because my child sleeps through it doesn’t mean I’m lucky. I like to take some credit in making a calm and contented baby when actually it’s probably due to James being her Daddy! (He could sleep standing up, for 48 hours in a hurricane!)

My toddler is pretty well behaved. Don’t tell me I’m lucky. I’ve given her the independence to be herself but set boundaries. Of course she still has her tantrums and sometimes her attitude stinks.

Yeah my child eats her fruit and veg. She also eats chocolate, biscuits and sometimes waffles and beans for dinner! Does that mean I’m just lucky?

So my toddler potty trained herself. I don’t think I’m lucky. I think my toddler is an amazing little girl!

So please can we stop telling other parent’s they are ‘lucky‘. Please can we just start praising them. Building them up! Letting them know that we fully support them.

DISCLAIMER: I am not bragging. I’m just sick of people telling me I’m lucky! Yes sometimes maybe I am but sometimes my children nearly send me over the edge. Sometimes they don’t sleep, eat, play etc.



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