Preparing My Toddler For A New Baby

Little is very understanding when it comes to her “baby sister”, especially considering she is only 28 months old. She has her own understanding and often asks to “see her”. We’ve used these prompts to try and explain to her what will happen. She knows that she has to wait to see her baby sister and seems very excited about this prospect.

We have included Little in everything to do with her baby sister, including name choosing! She has selected a name which we think may be a very strong possibility but we will see. Little helped to order her crib online and has tried out the pushchair we want!

Little is aware that Mummy and Daddy will have to go to the hospital to get her baby sister and whilst we are there she will stay with either Nanny. She is quite happy about this and we are very lucky that she enjoys spending time with them both!

She has also selected clothes she wants her baby sister to wear and whenever we buy her sister something we buy her something too so that she doesn’t think it is all about the new baby!

I have been making a conscious effort to spend more quality time just the two of us too. At the weekend  we went and had our nails done together and I am loving spending time with her!

Little doesn’t know this yet but her baby sister plans on buying her the micro scooter she has been asking for! This I know will make her very happy.

I cannot believe that soon my Little will actually be not that little anymore compared to a tiny newborn. I’m hoping to keep things as normal as possible because I certainly don’t want Little to feel left out. After all she was my first love!

Do you have any other tips on preparing a toddler for their new arrival?


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