How You Can Help Your Child Settle At Nursery

As a nursery practitioner and a parent of two I have been on both sides of the fence. Before children I struggled to understand some of the things other parents did. But now I know exactly why they may be struggling too! There are many things you can do to help your child settle at nursery.

Don’t rush the settling in sessions

Most nurseries will have a settling in policy but don’t be afraid to ask for more if your child (or you) need them. Sometimes it may be that you need more time to feel completely comfortable leaving your child. Don’t feel embaressed to tell them this!

Bring their comforter

If they use a comforter usually bring it with you. Or even a favourite toy. Having something familiar from home can really help them feel relaxed. If their settling in visit is in the morning bring something they have slept with the night before (like a sleeping bag) and the same for afternoon.

Give as much information as possible

You will probably have a lot of paperwork to fill out. Don’t feel under pressure to rush through it in one session. Ask to take it home if you need more time. The more information they have the more they’ll know your child!

Establish a good routine

It can be easier for children to settle if they know what to expect. For example if you keep leaving and coming back to check on them this will be what they expect. However if they know that they come in, put their shoes in the box, say goodbye and then have breakfast this is something you can talk about to prepare them.

Always say goodbye

It can be easy to see the opportunity when they’re playing nicely to sneak out. This can cause them unnecessary stress! It is best if they learn that “Mummy/Daddy are leaving but they will be back!”.

These are the things that I have found work best. Of course all children are different and some will take longer to settle then others.

What other tips would you suggest or found helped?


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