The Siblings Project | December 2016

Another month passed means time for the siblings project with Dear Beautiful.

December has been a crazy hectic month with lots of events and things to do. I have managed to snap a few photos of my siblings so without further a do here are my girls in December.

Siblings December

This photo was a random snap one morning whilst we let Daddy lay in. Little was laying watching TV and Baby was just laying next to her throwing her arms and legs about! Just look at her little face. I remember how Little’s whole face used to light up when she smiled! Baby is exactly the same.

Another lazy morning snap! I promise we do actually get out of our pyjamas. Little is always asking to hold Baby and is becoming a lot more gentle with her! Baby responds to Little’s voice all the time. Whenever she hears her voice she will turn her head to see her. She also gives the most smiles to her big sister! Little is still a proud big sister and will always introduce her as “this is my baby, I have a girl!”


Excuse the nose situation 😉

And my last one has to be a festive one with it being so close to Christmas. This was taken at the dress rehearsal of their nativity! Little was an angel and Baby was a lamb. It was so lovely to see them on stage together, Little protecting her Baby as always. She has really enjoyed learning her Christmas songs this year and every bedtime we have to sing at least one! The way she sings ‘when Santa got stuck up the chimney’ is too much! *all the heart eyes*

As always I cannot wait to continue watching their relationship develop! I am so lucky to have my girls 🙂

The Me and Mine Project


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