The Siblings Project | January 2017

I cannot believe it is time for another siblings post. Feels like only a week ago I wrote December’s one. If I’m honest I haven’t really taken as many pictures as I would like lately as I’ve been feeling a little unmotivated. But hopefully this shall get my butt in gear as I love looking back at moments captured.


You will have to excuse the lighting as I am only just starting to use my DSLR on manual. But this photo tells a story that isn’t necessarily obvious. Baby has been so upset for the past few days due to her 16 week immunisations and Little has been trying her best to cheer her up. Little is such a caring little soul and has one of the biggest hearts I know. In this photo she is singing ‘Wind the bobbin up’ in an effort to make her laugh!


I had to bring in Daddy to get them both still and smiling for a photo. You’d think Daddy would of learnt to stand behind the camera by now!!


I saved the best for last. Just look at the way she holds her so tight! It’s hard to believe that we struggled with Little’s behaviour at the beginning. Baby is so trusting of her big sister and often her sister is her only comfort. Little still loves to hold her and I’m forever finding Little laying on the floor next to her baby sister.

Boy am I lucky to have siblings who absolutely adore each other. Having a second child was one of the best things I ever did because I cannot wait to watch them grow and develop together!


The Me and Mine Project


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