Slimming World | The Beginning

I have finally taken the plunge and re-joined Slimming World. Hopefully this time for good. I don’t have a set target in mind but I do know I haven’t been happy with my 20+ month post-baby body. It’s taken me a long time but I am determined to do this!

I hope by writing a weekly feature I will be able to remember the reasons I’m doing this and be able to see how well (fingers crossed!) it’s working for me. It also helps to keep my favourite recipes in one place!

Things I’ve been loving this week
– As I only joined yesterday I can’t really comment but I have a feeling fun size Maltesers are going to be my saviors as I love chocolate and they are only 5 syns!
– Thinking about the body I could have if I stick to it!

Things I have found difficult this week
– Again I only joined yesterday but I have been starving today and I have constantly battled with my brain to stay on plan!

Things I am going to try next week
– Planning meals that are free but filling and snacks that are free and easy!

I am aiming for at least a 2 pound loss this week although 4 would be preferable 😉 If you want to see how I do then check back next Tuesday where I will be sharing my 1st Week and hopefully a loss!

Do you have any super easy but super yummy recipes you can share?

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