summer holiday

Our Summer Holiday Adventures

Today is the first day of our first summer holiday. And probably my last as I return to work late September! So for this reason I plan to make the absolute most of it and fit in as much fun as possible. There are so many things I would like to do so with Little’s help we have compiled a list.

*Of course because its the summer holidays – it’s raining. So today was spent at The Range getting resources to make our Summer Holiday Adventures list!*
  1. Go fruit picking

  2. Have a cinema date

  3. Make cookies

  4. Do a treasure hunt in the garden

  5. Go to the zoo

  6. Visit the Sealife centre

  7. Go to the beach

  8. Junk modelling

  9. Fly a kite

  10. Go to a theme park

  11. Visit at least two new National Trust properties

  12. Go to Nannie’s caravan

  13. Learn to ride my bike

  14. Go on a bouncy castle

  15. Visit Roald Dahl’s musueum

  16. Go for cake and ice cream

  17. Have sparkly nails

  18. Go swimming

  19. Play football

  20. Go to the park

  21. Visit a funfair

  22. Find the Grufallo

  23. Have afternoon tea

  24. Visit a new farm

  25. Make my own pizza

I’m sure you can guess which ones are Little’s and which ones are mine. Hopefully the weather brightens up for the rest of the summer holiday so we can get out and about as much as possible!

What are your plans for the summer holiday? We would love some more inspiration!


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