That One Friend

Everyone always says “you find out who your real friends are when you have a baby!”

For me this has definitely been the case but to be honest I couldn’t be happier because the friends I’m left behind with are THE BEST – no competition!


The one person who has disappointed me the most is the person who actually quoted the above. They themselves have a child so they know about it first hand. Yet they are the person who has not bothered with me and doesn’t know (or take the time to find out) anything about me or my daughter! They are That One Friend who asks questions like “is her dummy in the bag?” when my daughter has NEVER taken a dummy!

Now I am left with That One Friend who texts to see how we both are, buys S such thoughtful gifts, loves spending time with us, I could trust them with S and I could 100% rely on if needed and That One Other Friend who I don’t see all the time but when I do they take such an interest in mine and S’s life and I can talk to about just about anything!

So out with the old and in with the new. I will still see this ‘friend’ but not until they make a bit of an effort!

Did you lose or gain friends when you had a baby? Was it a positive or negative experience for you?!

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