The Sibling Project | November

My very first siblings post!

I have always enjoyed reading others posts and now I can finally join in.

Our beautiful little girl joined our little family on the 19th September.

The first few weeks were a bit hectic, what with visitors and living in that newborn bubble, that I missed last month.

But here I am.. Better late than never!


It is quite difficult to get a photo of both girls looking at the camera so this is the best I could come up with.

I do loveย this photo though because you can see how much Little adores Baby and how Baby is becoming more trusting of her sister!

So many people have said how much they look alike but I struggle to see it sometimes. They are definitely alike personality wise although I remember Little being more contented. This could be down to the fact she didn’t have a big sister getting in her face all the time!!

This past month has seen me learning to split my time between two children now that Mr J is back at work – I’m still not sure I’m doing it right. Little’s behaviour has been a bit difficult to manage at times as she was so used to having all my attention but we are all slowly adjusting to our new roles together.

I cannot wait to have a little place to watch their relationship develop!

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