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To The Parent I Once Judged

To the parent I once judged – I apologise.

Pre-child I had this image of what parenthood would look like. Just think happiness and light, lunch dates and strolls in the sun! Sounds good doesn’t it? Boy did parenthood hit me back to earth with a bang! Ok so some days look a little like that (but with food all over the floor) but some days will literally chew you up and spit you back out.

Along my parenthood journey there have been many realisations. Realisations that have made me want to apologise for all the ignorant pre-child things I did!

To the parent of the tantruming child – I’m sorry.

Now before I had children of my own I was that person who would give that look to the parent who’s child would be screaming round the supermarket. That look as if to say shut it up!

For that I am sorry. Now I will salute you – parent to parent because I know how tough that is. Feeling judged by every other person in there. Not knowing the best way to deal with it! Wondering if someones posting about you in the local Facebook group – ‘Did anyone else see that lady totally lose her shit in Asda today?’

To the parent not replying to my text – I’m sorry.

Yes I thought you were just being an arse for not texting me back.

Now I know you were just probably busy caring for your child. Jeez I’ve gone days meaning to send a reply but something always needs to take priority. Then when you finally get a minute you quickly check Facebook to see what drama Susan’s gotten herself into now!

To the parent putting their child in daycare – I’m sorry.

Ok so I may have judged a few parents in my time for putting their child in daycare when they clearly had a day off.

I didn’t realise that a day off didn’t actually mean a day off! I know you were probably busy catching up on housework or running 150 errands! I send Little to nursery every Wednesday despite being on Maternity Leave! I just need that time to face the rest of the week.

To the parent of a child not wearing a coat – I’m sorry.

What was I supposed to think when even I’m freezing my danglies off in my coat?

Little did I know that sometimes it’s just best to choose your battles very wisely! I’d allow Little to go out naked in the snow (not really!) if it meant she’d go quietly.

To the parent who rocks their child to sleep – I’m sorry.

I may have thought you were just making a ‘rod for your own back!’

Ugh how I hate that term now. Like you I would do anything to get my child to sleep! I totally get that.

To the parent who wanted to spend their child free night at home – I’m sorry.

Ok you are not boring in the slightest.

I too would spend that one evening watching anything but kids TV, not sharing my food and having a bath alone!

To the parent who allows their child to have a dummy – I’m sorry.

Although Little didn’t ever take to one – I could not be without a dummy with Baby. So I’m sorry I ever judged!

to the parent

So from one parent to another. I’m sorry for being an unempathetic, ignorant arse. Let’s unite in our choices to parent the way we do!

Can I get a hell yeah?


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