truth about a second child

The Truth About A Second Child

If you are pregnant with number two or just thinking about it you have probably had a little google. I’m right aren’t I? Some of the stories on google can be pretty scary. I read that going from one child to two was one of the hardest transitions and anything over 3 is the easiest. This did not sit right with me. Going from none to one was definitely the hardest transition for me. So I thought I would tell you the truth about a second child and why it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought.

You know what you’re doing

Ok so we never fully know what were doing when it comes to these terribly unpredictable tiny little humans. But you have a good idea.

You already have ‘stuff’

Chances are you kept a lot of the ‘stuff’ babies need so your second child won’t be as expensive.

You’ve let go of all the pressures

If you are planning or pregnant with a second then you’ve probably realised you will never be a perfect parent and that is absolutely A-OK!

You get to give your child a sibling

One of the best things you can do for your child. Remember that overwhelming feeling of love your felt. Yep your child will probably feel the same for their sibling!

Your children will no longer bother you

They will bother each other 🙂 #winning

You’re child has a ready made friend for life

I loved having siblings growing up and I am so glad I get to witness this with my girls!

You experience double the love

& get double the hugs! Plus thats one more person to look after you when you’re old 😉

Is there anything I’ve missed? What did you find the easiest with each consecutive child?


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