What Ifs?

If you read my post ‘Nearing The End To A Year Off’ you will know I plan on returning back to work in January.

We have already started our search for childcare and we have decided on split care with my Mum and a Nursery. We feel this is the best choice as Scarlett is such a sociable baby and loves other children. If all goes to plan I will return to work 3 days a week – Scarlett will go to my Mum for 1 full day and then for the other 2 days do half a day at Nursery and half a day with my Mum.

Since January is fast approaching we have already viewed a Nursery just down the road from us. It seemed nice but we did view it on Friday – one of there quietest days. I want to view a few more and go back on a busy day before I make my final decision.

Will Scarlett be okay?!

Just the other day I had a total meltdown and convinced myself I couldn’t leave her!

What if she needed me? What if they told her off and she was upset? What if she needed a cuddle and didn’t get one? What if she doesn’t settle with them?! What if she prefers her time there? What if I couldn’t cope being away from her?

Scarlett is such a lovely child but don’t get me wrong she can be a handful. She likes to pull hair, pick eyelashes (usually ends in a poke in the eye!) squeal at the top of her voice, scratch, blow raspberries (or just spit at you!) but she also needs a lot of attention and love.

What if they don’t understand that and just think shes being vicious? What if they don’t give her the love and attention she needs?

I know they are all just what ifs. But I’m not sure if they are the what ifs I’m willing to risk.

Please tell me this is totally normal and I am doing the right thing!!


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