#WhatMyKidDid | January 2017

Hello and welcome back to #WhatMyKidDid. This is my first month of running this linky. The lovely Lauren handed it over to Hannah but she’s busy with her new online shop Apples and Pips, so here I am! December was a very busy month for my girls what with it being Christmas and all that. It saw Baby turn 3 months old and roll over for the first time! Little took part in her first ever nativity and cried when she went to visit Santa. We also made our Christmas cards like we have done since Little was born. Only this time there were two different sizes hand and foot prints.



I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and here is to a happy and healthy 2017!

Now on to #WhatMyKidDid..

A linky for capturing and sharing any posts about what your child has been up to. Whether that be monthly updates, letters to your children or any other post celebrating a milestone that’s been achieved!

#WhatMyKidDid will go live on the 1st of every month and run for two weeks so come and link up any relevant posts from the last month or the first two weeks of the month.

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