baby days

Will I Know When My Baby Days Are Over?

As a child I would forever be creating families in whatever game I played. They would always be big families too. Not quite the Radford family but you get the picture! Then in the throes of the baby days that completely changed. I wasn’t even sure I’d have another.

But then S became a toddler and L joined our family. Things completely changed!

I know that I am 99% sure I am not done having children. Some days I want to wait until both girls are at school, others I want a really small age gap! So I have no definite plans to extend our family at the moment I just have this feeling that my baby days aren’t over yet!

I cannot imagine never feeling a baby of mine, move around inside me. Or never visiting the midwife again!

I cannot imagine never preparing for our new arrival! Or having that euphoric feeling when my baby is placed in my arms for the first time.

I cannot imagine never feeling that pride as I walk out those hospital doors with a tiny, squished up baby. Or introducing my new bundle to the rest of the family!

baby days

One thing I do know is that I will 100% be team yellow if we are lucky enough to have a ‘next time’. Whilst I would be happy to be a girl Mumma all over again I don’t want to feel that initial prang of disappointment again. Plus if it is the last time then I want James to announce the gender to me!

So I guess what I’m asking is.. will I ever know when my baby days are over?


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