Yesterday I Failed At Life..

Yesterday I failed at life.. And I am surprisingly okay with that! James was at work, Little slept until about 10am, we had no breakfast in the house and I was exhausted from being up in the night with a sore throat! Throwing on some clothes we headed straight to the shop to get ‘brecka’ (breakfast) which actually turned into a whole food shop. It was lunchtime before we got home. Little ate her brecka and then had a serious meltdown. A meltdown to the point I had to put her in bed to calm down! The housework was piling up but when Little cried to me telling me she was ‘tidered’ I decided to write the day off. Housework can wait!

Instead we got the duvet, some biscuits and watched a film. I say we watched a film, Little fell asleep and I laid next to her! She slept the whole afternoon away. Her face so innocent and relaxed. I felt at peace because although I left the housework – I felt like a good Mum for the first time in a long time!

So yeah yesterday I failed at life.. But I am perfectly okay with that!



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  1. Maybe you should fail at life a bit more often then the housework will always be there no matter how much you do but she will only be little for a very short time. Enjoy every moment ❤

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