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I am probably one of the nosiest people you will ever meet so I love nothing more than finding out about the life of others. Probably one of the reasons I became a blogger! I was tagged by Vicky from Being Tilly’s Mummy to share 100 things you may not already know about me..


1. What’s your name? Amy
2. Any nicknames or aliases? Aim
3. Your gender? Female
4. Your star sign? Gemini
5. How old are you? 25 although I sometimes forget this!
6. Your relationship status? Engaged
7. Any children? Two little girls
8. Any pets? Nope
9. Any tattoos or piercings? I have my ears pierced twice (although only wear the first occasionally) my belly pierced and my name tattooed on my wrist!
10. What do you like about yourself? I am hardworking and reliable.
11.What do you dislike about yourself? I find it hard to trust people and I’m not very good at beating around the bush so may come across rude!
12. Righty or lefty? Righty


13. The last thing you drank: Blackcurrant squash
14. The last thing you ate: Leftover pizza for breakfast
15. Your last phone call: My Mum to tell her all about the spirits that are apparently in our house!
16. Your last text message: James to see if we were all awake
17. Your last email: A conformation of a sponsored post I’m working on
18. The last song you listened to: Probably whatever was on in the car yesterday
19. The last book you read: I am still reading Small Great Things after nearly a year!
20. The last time you cried: Some time last week parenthood nearly broke me.
21. The last blog you read: I actually can’t remember. I usually just read those that catch my eye whilst scrolling through social media!
22. The last person you spoke to: Little S who is currently sat next to me, using a towel as a blanket!!
23. The last place you visited: Oh lord I’m going to sound like such a Mum.. But Tesco!
24. Your last holiday abroad: Disneyland Paris back in December.

100 things about me

Have you ever?

25. Have you ever gotten back with an ex? Never really had a boyfriend other than James. We’ve been together nearly 11 years.
26. Have you ever been cheated on? Oh back in the school days haha.
27. Have you ever cheated on someone? Yes when I was young and very very stupid!
28. Have you ever lost someone special to you? I’ve lost two very very special people to me, my Nana & Grandad <3
29. Have you ever been so drunk you threw up? Not for many many years!
30. Have you ever called out of love with someone? Nope
31. Have you ever met someone who changed you? Does my children count?
32. Have you ever been in a situation where you found out who your real friends are? Parenthood!
33. Have you ever kissed someone you probably shouldn’t have? Not that I’m aware of!
34. Have you ever found out people were talking about you behind your back? Probably but I obviously didn’t care that much!!
35. Have you ever broken someones heart? I hope not!
36. Have you ever kissed a stranger? Nope
37. Have you ever had your own heart broken? I thought I had at the time but turns out not haha!
38. Have you ever had sex on the first date? My Mum reads my blog but luckily not!!
39. Have you ever been arrested? Nope
40. Have you ever been attracted to someone that isn’t the gender you usually find attractive? I find lots of other women attractive but not attracted to them as such!
41. Have you ever done something you regret? That tattoo on my wrist that I mentioned earlier haha!
42. Have you ever had a threesome? Absolutely not aha!
43. Have you ever embarrassed yourself in public? Probably at some point but not that I can think of!
44. Have you ever misjudged someone? I like to think I am a good judge of character so I’m going to say no!

Beliefs and Opinions

45. Do you believe in God? Yes and no. I like to think there is something!
46. Do you believe in yourself? I am slowly learning to
47. Do you believe in Santa Claus? Yes!
48. Do you believe in Ghosts? Not ghosts as such, but spirits.
49. Do you believe in Aliens? Nope although I’ve never really given it much thought!
50. Do you believe in miracles? Yes
51. Do you believe in the power of positive thinking? Yes
52. Do you believe in love at first sight? No. I do however believe it an instant connection. But love is something that takes time!
53. Can someone make you happy? Ultimately only you can make yourself happy but others can help.
54. Would you describe yourself as a feminist? No I think taking the bin out is the mans job and mowing the grass too! Although I can do both things myself!
55. Are you pro-life or pro-choice? A bit of both and dependent on circumstances I guess.
56. Do you have strong political beliefs? No
57. Do you have strong religious beliefs? No
58. What do you think the most important thing you can give a child is? Love and attention!

Right Now

59. Are you eating anything right now? For once, no!
60. Are you drinking anything right now? I have my blackcurrant squash sitting next to me because I’m getting the start of a sore throat!
62. What are you thinking about right now? Food now because you asked me if I was eating anything!
63. What are you waiting for right now? Baby L to wake up I guess!
64. What are you most excited about right now? Tomorrow because James is off and were both taking the girls to Gymnastics!
65. What’s your pet hate right now? I have lots of pet hates but none that are bothering me right now!
66. What’s your favourite thing right now? My bed!
67. If you weren’t answering these questions, what would you be doing right now? The million and five other blog posts I need to be writing haha!


68. Your first best friend: Joe, I used to follow him to the toilet at Nursery (in a totally non-pervey way!)
69. Your first kiss: Ryan!
70. Your first celebrity crush? Probably Justin Timberlake back in the day!
71. Your first holiday: We loved a good caravan holiday growing up!
72. Your first pet: My guniea pig called Kandy!
73. Your first regret: Oh I can’t remember.
74. Your first job: Working at next for 4 hours on a Saturday for about £20 a week!
75. Your first childhood memory: Totally morbid but when my Mum told me my Great Grandad had died.

Which would you choose?

76. Love or money? Love
77. Twitter or Facebook? Twitter
78. Hook up or relationship? Relationship
79. Dogs or cats? Dogs although James won’t let me have one!
80. Coffee or tea? Neither but tea if I had to
81. Beer or wine?. Wine
82. Sweet or savoury? Both!
83. Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert I think!
84. Vampires or werewolves? Are they actually real things then?
85. Seaside or countryside? Ahh toughy! Seaside in Summer and Countryside in winter!
86. Summer or winter? Autumn or spring!
87. Books or movies? Depends on my mood!
88. Horror or comedy? Comedy.


89. Do you wish you could change your past? No not completely but I would probably want to change part.
90. What’s your dream job? Midwife or Teacher.
91. What’s your guilty pleasure? Biscuits!
92. What are you afraid of? Moths and growing old!
93. What was the first thing you want to be when you grew up? A lawyer purely for the money haha!
94. If you could have any super power, what would it be? To make everything better in the World.
95. If you could change anything about your life, what would it be? I’d have saved saved saved whilst living at home!
96. Would you want immortality? NO!
97. If you could interview anyone alive or dead, who would you choose? Michael Jackson!
98. Would you say you are happy? Yes.
99. What one piece of advice would you give to yourself at age eighteen? Go out and enjoy yourself. Stop trying to grow up before your time!
100. Where would you like to be in five year’ time? I wrote a post all about this so you’ll have to read it to find out 😉 In 5 Years Time..

So there you have it 100 things about me you may have not already known! Now I tag: Leanne from The Smart Mummy’s Guide and Laura from The Mamma Fairy.

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