18 Goals For 2018

18 Goals For 2018

Can you believe it is 2018 already? Either 2017 was a super short year or we were just having so much fun that it flew by! No new year, new me bull from me this year. Because lets face it I can’t change who I am! But thank you to the lovely Lucy from Mrs H’s Favourite Things I am going to share my 18 goals for 2018. You can read her goals here.

2018 is the year for development, growth and love.

1. Make myself a priority

Alongside my two biggest priorities of course. But I want 2018 to be the year I discover ‘me’! I want to find a fashion style that suits me, be braver with my clothing choices and change the way I see myself.

2. Introduce a skin care routine

As part of number 1 I also want to look after my skin. I’m so guilty of just running a makeup wipe (I know, don’t kill me!) over my face and being done with it. But as 2018 is all about me and loving myself I feel this is a vital addition

3. Give my body the love it deserves

Every year I start the year with the whole this year I’ll lose weight. Well I’ve been trying for years and do it for some time before falling off the wagon. So this year I am applying no pressure to myself but I do want to be kinder to my body by feeding it healthy, nutritious foods and being more active!

4. Re-fall in love with James

Massive cringe alert incoming! But since the girls we’ve lost ourselves. We’ve forgotten the things we enjoyed pre-children and barely spend any time just us! So this year I want to fit in as many date nights/days as we can.

5. Finish at least 2 books

I really enjoy books but rarely find the time to sit and actually read them. So in 2018 I would like to finish at least 2 books. Starting with ‘small great things’ that I’ve been reading since June!

6. Have my hair re-styled

I haven’t had my hair cut in an age and when I do I just go for a cheap cut. As part of loving myself I want to save up and get a re-style complete with a new colour.

7. Get organised

I’ve bought myself a new family life diary and I’m ready to go! Usually I leave everything to the last minute but I would love to be more organised. From meal plans to birthdays! No more rushing around for me!

8. Start saving for that much wanted house

I spend my life on right move watching the house prices go up, moaning about how we’ll never be able to afford to buy! So instead of looking and moaning, we’re going to put our all into saving as much as we can so we atleast have a chance.

9. Learn how to use my camera on manual

This is something I have wanted to do for ages but every time I try, I miss the moment and get angry at myself! Whilst I’m happy with some of my photos I would love to really find my style and stand out.

10. Join a fitness class

Every time I’ve tried I imagine being the one severely out of breath at the back. But I’m going to get over myself and find something local I will enjoy!

11. Get strong not skinny

Since having children (not that I had massive ones before then!) I literally have no core muscles or muscles anywhere for that matter. So this year I want to feel strong in my body. I’m not talking a 6 pack or anything extreme, just less weak!

12. Enjoy a staycation

I’ve always wanted to visit Center Parcs because I only hear good things! So that is what I’m aiming for but failing that a good ol’ butlins or haven break that the girls will enjoy.

13. Get a tattoo

Or a piercing. Just something I haven’t done in such a long time!

14. Learn calligraphy

Another thing I’ve always fancied learning just never got round to it. So hopefully 2018 will be the year I do!

15. Make our house a home

I have ideas coming out of my ears for this little home of ours. Whilst its nicely decorated it lacks us! I want to bring our personality into it, hang photos of us everywhere and get all green fingered in the garden. But I also want to keep it neutral so that next time I decide it needs to be changed I can just change the accessories.

16. Make lots of memories with my little family

My Little S starts school in September and the thought of her not being at home for 5 days a week makes me want to weep slightly. So we need to make the most of this time before September and do all the things we want to do!

17. Visit somewhere completely new

Somewhere I have never been before. There is still so much of the UK I am yet to see!

18. 2018 is going to be the year I whoop anxieties butt!

Yes thats right anxiety you better sleep with one eye open!!

So these are my 18 goals for 2018. How do you think I’ll do? They are all pretty similar to my 2017 goals so lets see haha!

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