19 Goals for 2019

19 Goals for 2019

Last year I was tagged to share my 18 goals for 2018. This year I haven’t been tagged but I thought it would be nice to share my goals for 2019 as I love a good list! I am going to start with the goals that I am carrying on from last year.

Self care, self care, self care

Ok so I didn’t quite manage to make myself a priority last year, although I did attempt it, slightly! But I did start to make small changes in regards to self care and I am going to really up this in 2019. I also want to ensure I spend time alone, so that I can really listen to my body!

Give my body the love it deserves

So I didn’t manage to lose weight, in fact I probably did the opposite. But that is okay. I have been kinder to my body by making healthier choices but I have not been restricting myself. I want to continue this in and being more active in 2019.

Read more

I set myself a goal ‘to read at least 2 books’ last year. I did not manage that! In fact I think I may still be reading the same book. So in 2019 I am just going to simply aim to read more.

Get organised

To a certain extend I have done just this. However there is still quite a lot of room for improvement! I 100% need to set a day of the week where I meal plan ready for the food shop. I also need to ensure I stick to said meal plan! I also need to be one of those people who has a stock pile of children birthday presents and cards!

Start saving for that much wanted house

Yeah about that. We just never took it seriously. But this year I want to knuckle down and really start saving. The aim is to buy a house in early 2020, if not sooner!

Learn how to use my camera on manual

I barely even picked up my camera towards the end of 2019! But I have a photography course booked for March so watch this space.

Attend at least one fitness class a week

My goal for 2018 was to join a fitness class. I did not do this. However I did join the gym in 2018 and here in 2019, I have already attended my first fitness class in which I intend on continuing! Eventually I want to up this to maybe two classes a week, but small steps.

Get strong not skinny

I still have no core muscles, or muscles anywhere for that matter. But I am working on it. I go to the gym as much as I can but I do know I could go more and do better. So that I shall!

Enjoy a staycation

I am still yet to visit Centre Parcs but we did enjoy a family holiday to Weymouth which the girls loved. S is desperate to go back, but I really want to visit the Yorkshire Dales or Cornwall. We shall see.

Get a tattoo

Or a piercing. Just something a bit out there!

Learn calligraphy

Yeah I didn’t do this in 2018 but I did receive a calligraphy set for my Christmas present so at some point I will put my pen to paper!

Visit somewhere completely new

I don’t think I visited one place I haven’t been before in 2018. Unless you count my work trip to Burnley! Maybe 2019 will be the year I do, but in the school holidays only, obviously.

Find inner happiness

2018 was not the year I whooped anxieties butt, however I did learn to control it. In 2019 I want to start a journey to finding happiness. Whether that be in the small things or the really big things.

Join at least one linky

In 2017 I joined in with Donna’s Living Arrows and I love looking back at how the girls have grown. I want to document more of our life again and I think this is the perfect way to do it, whilst hopefully discovering new blogs and rediscovering old ones.

Get into bullet journaling

I bought and started my bullet journal last year but I think I only ever filled out one page. I love getting creative and I want to become more organised, so bullet journaling seems to fit both of those!

Create better habits

I guess this ties in with giving my body the love it deserves but for me it goes a bit further than that. I want to get out of all the old habits that don’t make me happy. One of my habits is snoozing my alarm about 100 times before dragging myself out of bed. I want to wake up earlier than the girls and just sit for 5 minutes peace before the day starts. I want to show the girls that being active is fun, even if that means a bike ride on the common!

Get outdoors more

The above leads onto this. I love being outdoors! There is something about the cold air blowing away all your troubles. I want to get outdoors more again! Sundays should be the day for family roasts, followed by a quaint family walk (or just a scooter ride round the block will do!). I am in the process of writing 12 places I want to visit in 2019!

Be more present

I am so guilty of being there but not fully being there. Just aimlessly scrolling and not really taking in what I’m viewing. I want to give everyday life my 100%. I want to take in the small things (the whole point of this blog), remember the little bits of the girls and create new friendships!

Are you a goal setter or do you just roll with it? I’d love to hear some of your goals.


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