20 Things To Do Before Starting School

20 Things To Do Before Starting School

I’m a little conscious that it is less than a month until Little S has her first official full day at school! The joys of still having to work the holidays hey! I had it all planned out in my head. All the little things that would be difficult once she starts school. All the things I fondly remember of my childhood plus some new adventures too. All the things I planned to do before starting school.

So with less than 4 weeks to go until D day, these are the things I think all children should do before starting school (with some suggestions from Little S herself):

1. Visit a trampoline park
2. Throw stones in the sea
3. Go to the cinema with cinema pick n’mix
4. Master the monkey bars
5. Go for afternoon tea
6. Visit the zoo
7. Learn to drive at Legoland Windsor
8. Have a park trip
9. Go to the farm
10. Do some crafts
11. Play with all their toys, at once
12. Go to M&M World
13. Learn to ride their bike
14. Have a living room slumber party
15. Visit a castle
16. Send and receive a letter
17. Go to a pottery place and make something to remember
18. Go on a boat
19. Have a day where they decide everything
20. Spend lots of one to one time with their parents

So there are the 20 things we plan to do before starting school. We only have a few short weeks left until then, so best we get started ticking things off. With the help of family I am fairly certain that before starting school S will have done/mastered most of the things listed above. 20 things to do before starting school


I would love to hear what you remember doing as part of your childhood, or whether you too have a child starting school in September.

What else do you think is a must before starting school? Let me know in the comments below!


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