40 Weeks Pregnant | Baby #2

How far along: 40 weeks. Today is officially baby girls due date! I really didn’t think I’d still be pregnant but here I am!

Symptoms: I get a lot of discomfort when walking which I assume is where she is engaged and putting pressure on my groin. Sleep is becoming difficult because I am uncomfortable, hot, thirsty, hungry and always needing to pee! This pregnancy malarky is so glamorous 🙂

Food Cravings: I haven’t really craved any food but I am constantly thirsty and often crave a glass of freezing cold water or 7up!!

Movement: Her movements have become so big and quite uncomfortable! I often have some kind of body part sticking out the side of my belly, making my belly the weirdest of shapes. James also commented on how weird it feels when she moves now that she is running out of room.

40 Weeks
Gender: Our baby girl 🙂

Sleep: As mentioned above, not the best! I’m guessing about half 1 and half 4 will be her wake up times!!

Stretch Marks: They’ve started to become quite angry where she is stretching my stomach to its limits. I’m not too bothered though as I know they will calm down eventually,

Miss Anything: Being able to breathe comfortably, move comfortably, have the energy to do everyday things with Little! But I know in a few weeks I will miss the feeling of my little girl wiggling around inside me.

Best Moment: Reaching my due date and knowing that any day now we will have “baby sister” with us!

Worst Moment: The wait until my next midwife appointment which is at 41+2 although I hope I won’t be attending it!!

I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. It feels like only yesterday we found out that we were having another baby! I cannot wait to see my little girls together 🙂

Hopefully next time I’m writing an update will be to announce the birth of our ‘Tiny!’ Failing that I will see you at 41 weeks for another update!


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