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A Day In The Life Of Little & I #BEDAoutmumbered

Day 17’s prompt of Blog Every Day in August is a timeline of our day.

Our day varies during the week compared to at the weekend. So I will tell you about the weekdays as they are a lot more structured than the weekend!

7/8am – Scarlett usually wakes around this time. We then have a little cuddle in bed before having a nappy change! 

8:30am – Scarlett then has her first bottle of the day (obviously earlier if she is up earlier!)
9am – Mummy manages to have her breakfast whilst Scarlett plays on the floor (well more like rolls around the floor!)

On a super lazy day we just play around all day and will get ready about 2pm!! But on a day that we go out..

10am – Scarlett goes in her bouncer and comes into the bathroom with Mummy whilst I shower. We then go into the bedroom and Scarlett will watch me do my hair and make-up! It is then Scarlett’s turn to get dressed.
11:30am – Scarlett then has another bottle and usually goes to sleep! This is usually when we will get in the car and head out.
The day then just continues with Scarlett feeding every 3-4 hours.
8pm – Scarlett will have a bath (every other day) and splash around making the whole bathroom wet!
8:30pm – Scarlett has her last feed and then goes off to bed!

This then becomes time for Mummy to chill out, but in reality I get all her bottles sterilised and ready for the next day. I also get her bag ready in this time if we are going out the next day!

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