A Mummy Milestone

We are all fully aware of the milestones that our babies are likely to achieve but who would have thought that us Mummy’s may also reach certain milestones!

After 209 days of having Scarlett sleep in our room, we finally made the leap and moved her into her own room!

We had been discussing it for a while because we felt it made sense to move her when we moved so she got used to her own room straight away, instead of getting her settled in our room to then move her again. Plus our bedroom didn’t really have the room for her cot as it is actually a cot bed so is fairly big.

Leading up to the weekend of the move I started to get cold feet and I thought up the most ridiculous of situations such as ‘what if someone broke in and went straight into her room without me knowing!’ Our bedroom is right next to her room and you have to walk past ours to get to hers. Plus I’d hear any little movement on the monitor. I actually had a bit of a wobble one evening and tried my hardest to persuade James to let her stay a little longer!

I’m glad James stuck his ground though as Scarlett has been absolutely amazing! She is getting a better quality of sleep now as she doesn’t have us coming in and out and James snoring all night!! I think I kind of knew, deep down, that she would be fine because she always has adjusted so well to change – a lot better than me anyway!

I’m also (secretly) happy to have my own room back as you start to miss the little things like being able to read in bed or drying your hair – with a hairdryer – of an evening without having to find somewhere else to do it! As we speak I am laying on my bed writing this post in complete silence other than the tapping of the
keyboard – BLISS!!

I have to admit it was not as bad as I originally thought – for me! I thought I would be in and out all night but I managed to only check on her as I was going to bed (okay I got James to check again as he went to bed) and then I slept with the monitor right next to my bed. She slept like a log through until 6am when she stirred for about 10 minutes and after a little stroke on her back she went back to sleep until 8am!

How old were your little ones when they went into their own room? And how did you cope?!

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